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KIIT, despite being very young yet, has carved out a niche for itself in the higher education sector. World class infrastructure, wide range and levels of NAAC and UGC accredited professional courses, quality teaching, research and academic collaborations with organizations of global repute and nearly cent percent placement has put the university among the fifteen best universities and among the five best self-financing universities of India.

KIIT has always strove for bringing socially relevant academic opportunities to the youth of India and The KIIT School of Film and Media Sciences is the manifestation of this legacy. This school is providing alternative professional study options for the Indian youth who are looking for academic careers other than the traditional courses.

Film and media have assumed great significance in the contemporary Indian society. However, the film and media productions have remained confined to a few pockets in the country and there is a strong need for dispersal of capability across the country. This new venture of KIIT is going to lead the path to spread of awareness and empowerment in hitherto untouched areas of the country.

Dr. Achyuta Samanta

Prof. Ved Prakash

Chancellor’s Message

The audiovisual industry at the present time is an interesting and consolidated activity with an unbeatable future; furthermore has a professional scenario much more open than any other profession. It is a creative and independent profession which enjoys a social recognition in all of their related activities; among others of their advantages it has a strong creative autonomy.

I believe quality film school education should be accessible to anyone with the drive and ambition to make movies and should be located so as to tap young talents who wither away unseen and uncared. Eastern India has lacked in this field and there was a dire need for a well-equipped film institute in this part of India. I am glad KIIT School of Films and Media Studies is here to fill this void and is providing a great opportunity to the creative young minds from all over India and even abroad. The students provide the talent; we provide great instruction, equipment, and structured curriculum. Like every other learning, teaching cinema needs experiences, affections, motivations and people who contaminate enthusiasm. I am glad that the school has started off well under the leadership of Mr. Himansu Sekhar Khatua, a renowned film director and a graduate from Indian Institute of Films and Television with several years of teaching and film-making experience, and with many award-winning films to his credit.