Hinmansu Khatua

Prof. H. Khatua
CEO, School of Film & Media Sciences / Fashion Technology


India, which has always been an epicentre for film trade, is growing into a centre of innovation  in film production. Film studies has emerged as a viable career  option for a large number of youngsters in the recent  years. The film industry, now, has become so  specialized that it encompasses a vast field  of studies  in direction, cinematogrphy, editing, audio designing, animation, production management, acting, script writing etc. The new millennium has also brought forth along with it the challenge  to reshape the film making techniques and  blend  into modern perspective,  thereby  adding creativity and  innovation  to it.

KIIT School of Film & Media sciences within the fold of  KIIT’s  world class  state-of-the-art  infrastructure  and academic ambience promotes intellectual thinking, creativity, innovation  and experimentation. It also draws upon the academic excellence achieved  by the other institutes  of KIIT such as School of Fine Art. School of  Fashion Technology, School of Languages, School of Technology, School of Management and School of Sciences etc. In this atmosphere of varied academic  activities our students have the unique opportunity to be groomed and to pick up skills of management along with required soft skills to work alone or as a part of a team so as to fit them in changing  Industry scenario.  Reflecting this strength  the curriculum at School of Film & Media Sciences blends  creativity, art and craft  together  with careful consideration of human values  and functional aspects of Film making

Annual Performance Highlights

  • “Har Kam Karne Waloo Ko Yad Rakhna Hai” produced by the School of Film & Media Sciences, participated in the Indian Safety Song and Video Contest – 2019 organized by International Social Security Association (ISSA), Germany and received 1st
  • The CEO, SFMS Prof. Himansu S Khatua directed Film “KRANTIDHARA” got “ASIAN EXCELLENCE AWARD” in the Seoul International Youth Film Festival, Korea. Faculties of the school Mr. Ajaya Kumar Mishra and Mr. Susanta Bahinipati are the Editor and Cinematographer of the film respectively.
  • Successfully organized the Kalinga Global Film Festival (KGFF) from 18th to 22nd January, 2020
  • 6 film school students excelled in Short film, Photography, English and Hindi Poem competitions in KIIT Fest 2018-19.